A Newborn Session...

A question I often get when clients are inquiring about booking session is what all will it include? First off, I am totally open to customizing any and everything for you… every family is different, every couple is different, and heaven knows every newborn is different! Also, I totally understand that with a newborn getting yourself, your spouse, baby and other family members ready for photographs seems daunting. But trust me- it so so so worth the effort, and you will never regret doing these. With a 10 month old on my hands I literally see him change every single day, and I truly cherish my photographs of him.

Now with all that being said I wanted to give you insight into a fairly standard newborn session. This seems to work well, but again I am all about going with the flow and do what works best for your family! When I arrive I love to chat for a few minutes and find out how everyone is doing. It is so important to me to get insight on how everyone is feeling- and sympathize a bit! Next, I like to look around the house and find great areas for your photos. I often like to start with the star of the show- your sweet babe! I like working with a large flat surface where lighting can be set up. Starting with these sweet photographs gives the rest of the family a little time to get ready themselves. I am completely about getting what the baby is offering. Awake- great I love those sweet eyes! Asleep- perfect we can pose the baby easier! Its all about details and angles, and making sure I capture every bit of your baby, because they will never be this little every again (try thinking about that without tearing up!). After the solo shots its time for family. Pictures of everyone- mom with baby, dad with baby, siblings, dogs any and every combination is done! All in all these sessions take between 1-2 hours. Once completed, I edit, edit, edit and get the session to you typically within a week or two.

Curious as to what you receive from your session? Here is a complete session I did just a over a month ago. I love how these photographs turned out. They are light, bright, and bursting with love.