Shelley and Tom's wedding

Y’all. This is embarrassing. How has it been almost a full year since Shelley and Tom got married?!?! Seriously, a year? I’m going to blame it on B, but there is no excuse, because this day is so worth sharing!

Shelley and Tom got married on a beautiful fall day at Amber Grove. Everything was perfect. The weather, the fall leaves, the rustic barn, and not to mention the epic reception dancing! It was such a fun day, and you could just tell everyone had a blast. Shelley and Tom were such a laid back, fun couple that it would be hard to not have a great time with them.

I have shared a good bit from their wedding, but enjoy looking at these photos. I think it really captures their perfect day!

Peyton and Sarah's rooftop proposal

I couldn’t let summer get away without sharing the images from Peyton and Sarah’s proposal! Peyton contacted me asking if I would take photographs of his proposal and I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Guys- take note of this! These photographs were so fun and so authentic and I promise anyone would LOVE to have their proposal photographed. It is such a special event in your relationship, and honestly such an exciting blur that having tangible memories of it is something really special. I hope you enjoy these photos. The proposal happened immediately when they got to the Quirk rooftop. Peyton popped right now on a knee and wasted no time! After we took some portrait photos and then I let them enjoy their night. All in all I was with them about 30 minutes and it was such a fun night that I was excited to be a part of.

A Family Session...

Up next- a family session! Ever wonder what took place and was included in a family session?

Family sessions can take place either at your home, or at another location. I am always happy to make suggestions based on what you envision the session to look like. Farms, parks, museums, etc. always make for a great setting with a bunch of options for a variety of backgrounds. These sessions usually are about an hour and include any assortment of groupings you would like- solo photos of the kids, photos with each parent, just parents, the whole family- you name it and we will do it! I like to do a variety of poses as well so you will have the sweet holiday card where everyone is smiling, and then the fun ones that really show everyone’s personalities. All the goofy noises, brides, and silly antics make for some adorable photographs. I promise I have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I can’t tell you how often a parent will tell me, “my child never behaves this well!” I swear its the fancy equipment!

This recent session I did was at Maymont and it was the perfect spring day with everything in bloom! Enjoying looking at this complete family session… my client said she wants to make this an annual tradition!

Interested in booking your own session? Let’s chat!

A Newborn Session...

A question I often get when clients are inquiring about booking session is what all will it include? First off, I am totally open to customizing any and everything for you… every family is different, every couple is different, and heaven knows every newborn is different! Also, I totally understand that with a newborn getting yourself, your spouse, baby and other family members ready for photographs seems daunting. But trust me- it so so so worth the effort, and you will never regret doing these. With a 10 month old on my hands I literally see him change every single day, and I truly cherish my photographs of him.

Now with all that being said I wanted to give you insight into a fairly standard newborn session. This seems to work well, but again I am all about going with the flow and do what works best for your family! When I arrive I love to chat for a few minutes and find out how everyone is doing. It is so important to me to get insight on how everyone is feeling- and sympathize a bit! Next, I like to look around the house and find great areas for your photos. I often like to start with the star of the show- your sweet babe! I like working with a large flat surface where lighting can be set up. Starting with these sweet photographs gives the rest of the family a little time to get ready themselves. I am completely about getting what the baby is offering. Awake- great I love those sweet eyes! Asleep- perfect we can pose the baby easier! Its all about details and angles, and making sure I capture every bit of your baby, because they will never be this little every again (try thinking about that without tearing up!). After the solo shots its time for family. Pictures of everyone- mom with baby, dad with baby, siblings, dogs any and every combination is done! All in all these sessions take between 1-2 hours. Once completed, I edit, edit, edit and get the session to you typically within a week or two.

Curious as to what you receive from your session? Here is a complete session I did just a over a month ago. I love how these photographs turned out. They are light, bright, and bursting with love.

Besa and Cleveland's Wedding

So it has been WAY too long since I have done a blog post. What can I say, having a baby, and a crazy busy fall work schedule took up every bit of my time. But- that is not a good excuse because I have so much to share and want you to see more of the work I have been doing.

Besa and Cleveland (and Mason!) are one of the best, most genuine couples I have had the pleasure to work with. I used to work with Besa and always loved her personality, sweet nature, and dedication to her family. Getting to know Cleveland through working with them I see how he is the perfect fit for her. You know when you meet one of those couples and you know they belong together? Yup, that is them!

They got married at Magnolia Green on a beautiful sunny day, surrounded by friends, family, and a lot of love. Looking through their collection I had a hard time picking what to share with you, but I found that these favorites tell their story, and their day so well.

Nicole and Mark's Wedding

Nicole and Mark had the most perfect wedding surrounded by the ones they love at the beautiful Mill at Fine Creek. Every detail was so thought out and there where special touches throughout the day, like cookies from friends and family which is a Pittsburg tradition. The bride and groom couldn't have been more enjoyable to work with and all those that attended the wedding had a blast. I seriously have never seen a dance floor that packed the whole night! Being 33 weeks pregnant at the time, physically it was not easy, but the intensity of weddings (seriously, you can't recreate a first kiss!) is something I thrive off of. With such a rainy summer Nicole and Mark had a great day, and got to say their vows in the most gorgeous ruins on the property. I truly can't say enough about how honored I was to be a part of their big day, so here are some of my favorite photographs from the day. 


Venue- The Mill at Fine Creek

Florist- M. Henry Designs

Bridal Gown- Anne Gregory 

DJ- Dynamic DJ Services - Jamie Timberlake 

Cake- Candy Valley Cake Company

Shelley and Tom's Engagement Session

As a photographer I love just about every session I do. I love working with people and creating images that I know they will look at for years. I have to say though this session was so. much. fun! Shelley and Tom are the type of couple that love to laugh, goof around, and are all around a joy to work with. Shelley suggested the Canal Walk as a location for their engagement photographs and  we decided to go to Libby Hill Park as well to get some images with the city in the background. The two locations created a perfect combination of an urban setting and a natural setting which you just can't go wrong with! We lucked out awesome weather on a Friday evening, which has been so rare in Richmond over the past month. There was a close call with a giant (well at least to me) black snake that came out of a trashcan on the canal walk, but I am happy to report that we all made it- ha! 

Engagement sessions are such a great opportunity to get a couple comfortable in front of the camera before their big day, and to all get to know each other better! I can truly say that I am so looking forward to their wedding this November, and to celebrate with them at their wedding! 

Spring Mini Sessions

A few weeks ago I held a spring mini session day at the University of Richmond. It was such a fun day getting to work with three families and to create photographs for them that they will love for a lifetime! For these sessions I worked with each family for 30 minutes in a few set locations and promised 12 images (although everyone got more than that because I couldn't pick just 12!). Mini sessions a great opportunity for clients that are not looking for as many photographs and a shorter time commitment. If I have enough interest from multiple clients I'm happy to set up another date sometime soon- so feel free to message me if you are interested and we will make it happen! Here are a few of my favorites from each session that day. 

The Kleiman Family Newborn Session

I have had the pleasure of photographing the Kleiman family twice this spring! Before their family of 4 was becoming a family of 5, I did a fun family session at Maymont, and then once their third child, and first girl, Samantha was born I did a newborn session at their home. The Kleiman's had two little boys, and when their daughter was born I got a text simply saying "we got our girl" (!!!). At 8 days old Samantha was the perfect little model, and for the most part slept through all that was going on. I just love doing newborn sessions at client's homes! It allows the family be comfy, and for us to take our time to get the perfect positioned photographs, as well as the sweet snuggly family photographs as well. Here are some of my favorites from Samantha's session- enjoy!

Jenny and Bryan's Wedding

Jenny and Bryan were the type of couple that every photographer dreams of photographing! They wanted great photographs, didn't think I was crazy for my different suggestions (like doing the first look next to a parking lot!), and are the kindest, most in love couple. Their day was so special, from the custom vowels, and thoughtful gifts to each other, to the best caricatures for their guest and curated music selection. We started the day at Jenny's sisters house where they got ready, then hopped in separate cars and headed to Maymont where we did their first look and portraits. It wasn't the warm spring day that they were hoping for, but we were able to get some great photographs and almost photo-bombed another wedding taking place! We then headed back to Rountrey, where their wedding ceremony and reception took place in the clubhouse. The day ended at the Jefferson Hotel where we were all pleasantly surprised that the hotel seemed like we had rented it out- it seriously was that empty! 

Jenny and Bryan, I had the best time getting to know you both and celebrate with you on your big day! 


Venue- Rountrey Clubhouse

Bride's Dress- Bridal Elegance

Groom's Suit- Express

Florist- Fleur de Fou

Musician- Matt Waller

Caricatures- About Faces

Cake- Pink Belle Cake House

Catering- Mosaic