The Hughes Family Newborn Session

Corrie and Josh welcomed sweet baby Madison to the world on January 31. 10 days later I had the pleasure of photographing the new family of three in their home! It was a veryyyyy rainy day, but so cozy and filled with love for their new addition. Newborn shoots are particularly special since babies change before your eyes! Madison was wide awake for the first part of our session, so we were able to capture some great images of her pretty eyes, and then some family pictures and more individual shots once she fell asleep. Newborn sessions can be tricky as you never know what your model will do, so it's important to go slow, take your time, and go with what they give you! We had such a great day and I'm so happy to work with this family of three!

Head shot Mini-Sessions

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting head shots for two different clients. Both were interested in doing outdoor sessions that had a more urban look. That is about where the similarities end! One of the clients is starting a branding company and wanted a fun photographs that showed her personality and variety. The other is a councilor that was in need of a tighter cropped image, that showed her professionalism and approachability. To say I loved doing these would be an understatement! It was the perfect day with temperatures near 60 and the VMFA was a perfect backdrop for both. Below is a sample from both of the mini-sessions.  I would absolutely love to do more of these for other clients so if you or anyone you know is in need of updated photographs please reach out! 

Holiday Family Sessions

Happy New Year! 2017 was a wonderful year, and I am so excited for all that 2018 has to bring both professionally and personally. November and December were busy with family sessions and I loved receiving holiday cards with photographs that I took for my sweet clients. It is always a challenge when working with little ones, but their curiosity, playfulness, and of course the adorable outfits makes it so much fun! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from some of the sessions. 

April and Robbie's Wedding

April and Robbie are the sweetest, most laid back couple! They have been together for years and truly seem like best friends. They got engaged last Christmas, bought a house this summer, and planned a wedding (what a year!). April and I quickly bonded over our love of fo pups and did the classic iPhone picture sharing the first time we met! They got married at Pocahontas State Park on an unseasonably chilly November day, but were great sports about being outdoors for pretty fall photos! 

April and Robbie thank you for choosing me to photograph your wedding! It was so fun and I loved working with you both!

The McGeorges Family Session

Jeannie is one of my oldest and favorite friends! We have known each other since middle school, and have stayed really close ever since. Her husband, Greg, and my husband, Bo, immediately hit it off years ago and have been getting into trouble together ever since. Seriously, we have the best time when we are all together! In August of 2016 the McGeorges welcomed a little boy, Rory, into their family and he is just simply the sweetest ever! We had so much fun doing a family session at their adorable house and I was so happy to capture the happiness in their family. Rory is just getting the hang of walking, and such curious boy asking every few minutes "dis?" and pointing at everything in sight. I was so honored to get to take these photos as little ones grow up so quickly, and now the McGeorge family will have these memories forever!

The Jones Family Session

I have known Joy, and her girls, Jasper and Reece since the girls were just babies! In between college and grad school I nannied for the girls, and ever since then they have truly been family. I look up to their mom Joy so much, and feel like she is my 3rd sister! When Joy asked me to take some photographs of them I was so excited. My parents are building a house on a 21 acres farm, and Joy and I decided it was the perfect place to take pictures. The girls has so much fun running through the fields, jumping, playing on the fences, and exploring! Their energy was contagious, and their love for each other is so evident. It is so special to get to capture children having fun and just being kids! 

Besa and Cleveland's engagement pictures at Magnolia Green Golf Club

I used to love working with Besa, so when she asked me to take her and her fiancé Cleveland's engagement photographs I was so excited! It was a rare cool fall day in Richmond, and all around a beautiful setting. Besa and Cleveland will be getting married at Magnolia Green Golf Club this June, so they wanted to do their engagement photographs there as well. They have an adorable and fun four year old son, Mason, that joined in some of the photos when we could pull him away from skipping rocks, or throwing logs in the pond!

Besa and Cleveland, congratulations on your engagement and thank you for choosing Allyson Catoe Photography to capture the love you have for each other and your adorable boy!

Let's play 20 questions!

Hi everyone! Such a big part of why I love photographing people is the connection I make with them. I know that being in front of the camera can be intimidating, but I will do everything I can to put you at ease! I believe connecting with my clients is such an important part of capturing authentic images, and that means truly getting to know them, and them getting to know me! So without further ado here we go with some fun, and somewhat random questions that will get the ball rolling:

1. What’s the first thing you reach for in the morning? My dog- ha!

2. Who is your biggest inspiration in life? My dad. He is the kindest and hardest worker I have ever met!

 3. High school. Awesome or terrible? Awesome!

4.  Cats or dogs? 100% dogs

5. Beaches or snow? Beaches- I hate being cold!

6.  What is your absolute, number one, biggest pet peeve? Being late.

7. Do you believe in something after death? For sure.

8. Is it okay to sleep with socks on? Yep, I’m all about being comfy.

9. Coffee or tea? Coffee all the way!

10. Do you think it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Yes, absolutely.      

11. Odd numbers or even numbers? Even

12. Which do you prefer, logic or creativity? Creativity, creativity, creativity!

13. Do you think opposites truly attract? Yes and no!

14. Ask for permission or ask for forgiveness? Ask permission, I am such a rule follower.

15. Do you trust someone until proven otherwise or does trust has to be earned? I’m probably too trusting, so absolutely I trust someone.

16. Comfortable silences or non-stop conversation? Non-stop conversation, I can talk to anyone.

17. Love or money? Love!

18. Do you question things even if it will bother someone or do you try to not rock the boat? I try to never rock the boat.

19. Books or Magazines? Books, I love a good read.

20. Which is more preferable — being nice or being fair? Always being nice!

So there you have it! I'd love to hear any questions you may have for me, and I can't wait to get to know you a little better as well!